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The School of Computer Engineering was established in June 2011. Currently it has 3 specialties, and a department of elementary computer education. Presently there are 1564 students in the school. Applied Computer Technology was founded in 1994, and it includes 2 orientations: Computer Technology and Embedded System. Software Engineering was founded in 2001, and it is the “Model Specialty in Guangdong Province”. There are 3 orientations in this specialty: E-business technology, Software Testing, and Visual Programming. Computer Information Management was established in 2005, with 3 orientations: Database Management & Development, Business Information System, and Computer Multimedia. Information security technology was founded in 2007. The Department of Elementary Computer education (previously known as the computer center) was established in May of 1995. It consists of an office, Elementary computer and Networks Laboratory, and Computer application software Laboratory. It is responsible for the management and maintenance of school's public computer equipment, technical support to school office computer, teaching of computer fundamentals to all students in the polytechnic, and certification and management of students' computer proficiency assessment.

At present, the school boasts 7 elaborate courses at National level, 2 elaborate courses at Provincial level,1 elaborate courses recommended by The National Teaching Guidance Committee and 9 elaborate courses at polytechnic level. The School of computer Engineering was prized as “The Advance Unit in the State Education System” in 2007.

We have "dual-skilled” faculty of 80 teachers, with a modern educational concepts, high level of profession and innovation, reasonable structure, and master cutting-edge science & technology and modern educational technology. Among them, there are 7 professors, and 43 associate professors. 7 teachers have Doctoral degrees, and 66 have master’s degrees. We have undertaken 60 research projects at national, provincial, municipal level as well as 36 research projects supported by enterprises. 43 high-quality textbooks on higher vocational and technical education have been published, including 9 planed textbooks and 5 elaborate textbooks at national level. In recent years, we have published 142 academic papers, of which 4 are indexed by SCI, and 17 by EI. We have also cultivated 6 postgraduates with other key universities.

The School is equipped well with 4 professional and technical training compartments,11 training units, and 69 training units of Elementary Computer practical training labs that serve all students in the polytechnic. In “12th Five-Year Development Plan”, the school will set up a number of high-level professional skills training labs and off-campus practice bases, to provide the students with excellent practicing and training environment.

The school attaches great importance to cultivating students’ creativity and innovative spirits, through the funding of the students’ professional innovation studio, and providing technical guidance and financial support to participate in various skills competition and extra-curricular technological innovation. As a result, our students have won more than 50 prizes in National “Challenge Cup” Contests for College Students, higher vocational skills contest sponsored by The Ministry of education, “Invention Cup” Creativity Contests for Higher Vocational College Students, etc. In May 2012, six students passed the exam of OCM (Oracle Database Certified Master), a top certificate in the database field, and the students are the first group of undergraduates among 300 certificated talents in mainland. These students are popular in several well-known enterprises.

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many world-famous companies, including Oracle, IBM, CIW, ARM, CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. The students have obtained world-class professional skills certificates, such as CCIE, CIW (Certified Network Security Analyst), OCM (Oracle Database Certified Master),SCJP,OCP, etc., which greatly enhance students' professional skills, competitiveness in employment, and quality of employment.

In addition to national awards and grants, enterprises Like Shenzhen Guangju Energy Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Minjiahui City Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., have also set many awards and grants for the school. In the future, more enterprises will set scholarship for the outstanding students.