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The school was established in 2004, with four specialities, Nursing (including nursing, midwifery and dental care), oral medical technology, ophthalmology and optometry technology and rehabilitation technology. There are 740 students, Of the 39 faculty members, 4 are professors, 10 are associate professors, 88% of professional teachers with a master's degree or above and 80% are double-qualified teachers. A group of experts and scholars who have clinical teaching experience have been hired to serve as part-time teachers in our school.

The academy attaches importance to the student ability to innovate and carries out the technical ability culture, own true advanced model teaching equipment. New academy campus area (the north campus) is located at the northwest of the east campus, the environment is graceful, is take up 100,000 square metres field, is invest amounting to 90 million yuan, general built-up area is close 28,000 square metres, own the independent teaching building, library, training building, mess hall, student apartment house, lecture hall and stadium .all of this have been put in use in succession. The school has more than 30 practice base in all kinds of hospitals, and the related enterprises in Shenzhen. The internships rate of students is up to 100%, the recommendation of the employment rate has reached 100%. The rate of employment in 2007 has reached 98.83%, meanwhile, both 2008 and 2009 has reached 100%, and the nursing and midwifery graduates can also participate in the staff examination of the State.

The school have expanded international cooperation and exchange in a wide range, which are designed to give the students easier access to go abroad for further education and enter a profession. The University of Wolverhampton in United Kingdom has designed co-curriculum for our students specifically. The graduates can apply for Accelerated Degree Program of the University of Wolverhampton of Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Public Health directly. The "3+1" cooperative education agreement is also signed with the University of Cumbria for helping the graduates of nursing upgrade from junior college student to university student. The cooperation project with Zi Qing Institute of Osaka in Japan is progressing well, and a group of outstanding students have been to Japan each year for short-term visit studying.