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The School of Economics, one of the largest schools in Shenzhen Polytechnic, can be traced back to the Accounting Department, which was established in 1994. After nearly two decades’ development, it had been expanded to the Accounting and Management Department, followed by the Departments of Economics, Management, Tourism and Logistics which, in 2004 combined to form the School of Economics and Management. In May 2011, the former school separated into the School of Economics and the School of Management to further optimize specialty and build featured majors and faculty. 

After restructuring, the School possesses a combined full-time and part-time teaching team with high professional quality, reasonable educational background and age structures, professional ethics and strong creative spirits. The School has 75 teaching and administrative staff, of which 57 full-time teachers (including counselors), including 9 professors, 27 associate professors, 14 teachers with PhD and 5 doctorands. In the teaching team, there is one expert who obtained the special allowance of the State Council and one National Master Teacher. Most teachers possess enterprise working experience and ‘Dual-Teacher’ quality. The School has four training centers for Accounting, Finance, Business and Law. It covers an area of over 1,000 square meters, with software and hardware facilities in the value of more than 8 million Yuan. Now the School has over 2,500 full-time enrolled students in three grades.

The School lays emphasis on both teaching and academic research. During the last few years, the teachers in the School have already published over 50 monographs, textbooks and 300 academic papers and have undertaken over 50 scientific research projects. The staff of the School participates actively in the academic activities and decision-making consultation activities in enterprises, municipal government, provincial government and central government, and has produced significant effects. The School has abundant potential for teaching and scientific research.

In the field of interior management, the School of Economics stresses the combination of institutional improvement and democratic management; in the field of discipline development, the School stresses the coordination of discipline improvement, individual academic development and talents cultivation; in the field of teaching, the School stresses the integration of theory and practice, the standardization and uniqueness; in the field of student management, the School stresses the spirit fostering of self-independence, self-improvement, self-discipline, the awareness of competiveness and group consciousness. Under the guidance of Scientific Outlook on Development, the School of Economics is relying on the wisdom and efforts of all staff. We are fostering new highlights, creating new advantages and will make our own contributions to the optimization, consolidation and specialization of Shenzhen Polytechnic.