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School of Management embraces 7 majors ranging from Port and Shipping Management, Logistics Management, Business Enterprise Management, Administrative Management, Marketing Management, Hospitality Management and Tourism Management, among which Port and Shipping Management is one of the first teaching reform pilot majors of national vocational colleges and a key university major of national demonstration; Logistics Management is a demonstration major in vocational college of Guangdong province and also a major to be established in national project “improve the capabilities of higher vocational colleges in professional service and industry development”, Marketing and Hospitality Management majors are model majors in Guangdong province, Business Management, Administrative Management and Tourism Management are provincial demonstration construction and driving construction majors. The school adheres to the philosophy and mode of “jointly development of government, university, administration and enterprise”, devoting to the culture of high-end skilled elites who perform operation and management in the fields of production, management and service. The school has preliminarily formed a cluster of majors with distinct running characteristics, which are closely connected with economic development in Shenzhen, popular among candidates and well recognized by employers, maintaining an employment rate of over 98% in 3 consecutive years.

Currently, the school has more than 2,600 full-time students on campus and a faculty of 90, including 9 professors, 40 associate professors and lecturers. 18 of the faculty have doctoral degrees, and 5 are Outstanding Teacher of Guangdong province, Guangdong “1000, 100,10”elite and leading elite of Shenzhen, and over 95% of the teachers are double-qualified. The school is well equipped with a plurality of training rooms for logistics, tourism, business, management and ERP, with a total area of over 2,000㎡ and a total value of over 10,000,000 RMB.

The school attaches equal importance on teaching and scientific research. In the recent 5 years, the school have accomplished 3 national exquisite courses, 4 provincial exquisite courses, 5 Teaching Steering Committee exquisite courses, 19 university exquisite courses and 5 university key courses, published 6 works, over 50 textbooks, over 400 academic papers, undertook over 40 scientific research projects (including 1 national social science fund project and over 10 provincial projects), completed over 40 transverse cooperation projects. In 2011, our scientific research contract fund exceeded 3,000,000 RMB, exerting strong influence in realms of management consulting, marketing planning, industry planning and social training.

The school vigorously develops international cooperation and exchanges. In 2005, the school cooperated with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in a top-up course class for hospitality management, and the amount of enrollment now is enjoying a steady increase; in 2009, the school made experiment with School of Management of Taiwan Yunlin University of Science & Technology in elite exchange; in 2011, the cooperation in running school program “3+1”for International Logistics major with City University of Seattle was approved by provincial department of education and the enrollment will start in 2012; besides, the school holds academic and cooperation exchanges with School of Hospitality Management of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education regularly.

The school insists on the principle of “Simultaneous Cultivation in Morality and Mentality, Learning and Thinking, Mind and Hand” in the development of the students. The school holds skill competition each year to enhance students’ professional skills and practical ability, holds innovation and entrepreneurship competition to strengthen students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capacity, and encourages students to be engaged in volunteer work, thus nurturing an awareness to serve the society in students. Through providing varieties of club activities and social practice, the school forges high organizing and coordinating ability and improves social cognition and humanistic care of the students.