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The School of Art & Design


TheSchoolofArtand Design (formerly Department of Art and Design) was, in 1993, the earliest department of Shenzhen Polytechnic to be established. The school has developed ten specialties based on the educational strategy to develop specialist fields in line with Shenzhen's economic growth rate.

These are: Environmental Art Design, Fashion Design, Advertisement Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Exhibition Design, Furniture Design, Horological Design, Image Design, Decorative Art Design, and another fifteen subject branches. They link closely to Shenzhen's cultural industry chain, and effectively serve Shenzhen's local cultural industry with professional groups. At present, the school has over 1700 students, intramural Practical Training Rooms covering 10000 ㎡, and more than 1600 items of advanced practical training equipmenttotalling valued at over 13 million RMB.

TheSchoolofArtand Design implements the educational guidelines of combining design & production, art & technology, and industry with study and research. Practical training is at the heart of our teaching, the purpose of which is to achieve a high level of creative design ability and practical skills which are maintained throughout the whole course.

The school has now constructed a unified and energetic faculty in accordance with the ‘Double Professional Skills' standard. The school has more than 90 teachers, 82% of which have senior or secondary professional technical qualifications and 68% have master’s or doctorate degrees. In this group, there are professors and doctors with extensive teaching experience and outstanding scientific research abilities, our engineers and technicians have extensive practical experience; there are professionals from top-level domestic universities & colleges, as well as successful graduates from universities & colleges abroad.  They are not only advanced craftsmen and designers but also scholars and artists.  Moreover, there are 45 teachers with the ‘Double Professional Skills' qualification; representing 70% of the staff.

Besides the great achievements in the classroom, the school pays attention to teachers' continuing scientific research and professional development. In recent years, our teachers have made more than 300 scientific research achievements (including published articles, designs, paintings, monographs, inventions and patents), and they have also gained over 50 prizes in international and domestic competitions and have done more than 20 projects of vertical and horizontal directions. The school has held more than 10 important international and domestic academic activities; having great influence in the field of art and design. Significantly; five of our teachers gained prizes with their creations at the tenth National Art Exhibition. In addition, the school has undertaken many inter & intra disciplinary educational projects, and has contributed to the development of Shenzhen’s cultural industry.

In the past twelve years, many excellent graduates from the school have been engaged in related trades. Because of their creative ideas, skills, flexibility and work ethic, they have gained recognition, which has created a virtuous circle and sustained high graduate employment rates.

TheSchoolofArtand Design warmly welcomes all diligent students. In the context of Shenzhen's fast developing cultural industry, the school will use its advantages to strive to become a hotbed for local designers and the source of fine cultural pieces.