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●The School of Animation


The animation college of Shenzhen Polytechnic was founded in April, 2005. There are 4 majors in the college: film and animation, design and fabrication of multimedia, design and fabrication of image,game design. It is the only animation college established by the government in Guangdong up to now.

The college has a professional teaching team, which is composed of senior animation experts in our country and highly educated animation designers with actual working experience, famous directors as well as professional talents returned from the United States, Britain, Australia, Japan, etc.

The college has established an animation technology training center in our country, which includes 31 studio rooms, i.e. 2D, 3D, multimedia, apple, motion capture, post-production, sculpture and modeling, etc. Besides, the college brings in the domestic leading 3d animation Capture system (Motion 'capture), Sony SRW - 5500 VCR, Sony750p camera HD broadcast equipment, a complete system of Autodesk Flint HD and relevant software, professional CHKDSK kier, complete Apple DV editing system, light rail equipment, etc.

The college adheres to the thought of “ability cultivation, job orientation, combination of industry and research”. The main orientation of talent cultivation is: animation art, computer animation, cartoon, post-film production, multimedia, creation and product of game, image and picture, etc.

The animation college pays close attention to academic exchange activities with the colleges in the same field of home and abroad, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with Japan Dome University of Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology, etc. The college has also explored many programs with Shenzhen Cai Ling Animation Company, Shenzhen Crystal Company, IDMT (universal digital), etc.

The animation college will catch up with the first class technology in the world and follow the development trend of animation, with the purpose of establishing the animation college to be the biggest and most influential cultivating base of cartoon talents in Shenzhen and the district of South of China.