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●School of Continuing Education and Training

Established in 1995, the School of Continuing Education and Training is one of the administrative departments in Shenzhen Polytechnic that takes on adult higher education, teachers training, professional training, skills accreditation and certificate identification. Over the past 14 years’ construction and development, the school has become the China’s National Teacher Training Base of Higher Vocational Education and the Teachers’ Further Education Base at both the municipal and provincial level. Meanwhile, it is the Highly Skilled People Training Base of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, P.R.C., the Highly Skilled People Training Base of Guangdong Province and the Highly Skilled People Training Base of Shenzhen. In addition, the Shenzhen Reemployment Training Base for the Unemployed and the 7th Vocational Skills Accreditation Agency of Shenzhen are also located in the School.

The school offers the courses of adult higher education at two levels (the technical school level and the bachelor level) and in five learning styles (full-time, part-time, correspondence, distance and self-taught). The School has set up 5 teaching stations outside the campus in both the downtown and suburbs of Shenzhen. Besides, the school is cooperating with the local associations and enterprises in Shenzhen conducting technical diploma education programs. In addition, the School has also developed various bachelor education programs together with many domestically famous universities, such as University of International Business and Economics, Wuhan University, South China University of Technology, Southern Medical University etc. These programs meet the different requirements from all walks of life for various diplomas and enable them to select their learning styles flexibly. There are currently 47 majors and more than 10,000 registered students

Since 2005, the School has annually trained over 2000 duple qualification teachers for higher vocational colleges over China. The School has trained over 50% of the total, making it rank top among all the training bases alike. In addition, the school also offers training programs for over 2000 teachers in Guangdong Province and Shenzhen.

The Schools permanently offers over 300 programs for professional skills and certificates accreditation, and it also conducts skills accreditation and certificate accreditation service for over 100 professions or occupations at various levels, including 63 international certificates. The School trains and identifies 35,000 persons annually on the average and has cooperated widely with local enterprises and fellow schools in staff training, joint cultivation, accreditation and employment.

The School is the implementing organization of partner assistance project in Shenzhen Polytechnic. Since 1985, the School has carried out the assistance projects of training the vocational teachers of Guizhou Province and so on. In the course of building a National Model College, the School has constantly expanded its assistance fields and offered assistance to 25 higher vocational colleges and 168 secondary vocational schools, which accounts for over 50% of the total assistance amount offered by the first group of National Model Schools. The School has completed all the tasks concerned with the National Model School construction.

The School has been actively exploring the school running model and talents cultivating model of adult diploma education and training, with the needs of the local enterprises and industrial development as its orientation. It has formed its own features in discipline design, course construction, teaching model, and faculty development. The School has cultivated a large group of highly skilled personnel and management staff working in the forefront of production, construction, management and service. It has become an adult continuing education and training base of Shenzhen with wide influence, obvious features and outstanding merits.

The School is composed of seven departments, namely the Administration Office , Department of Student Management, Department of Information and Cooperation, Department of Continuing Education,Department of Training,Department of Qualification Accreditation, Department of Self-taught Examination.

Dean of the School: Fu Xiaoping

Associate Dean: Yang Wenming,Liang Kuai