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The Branch School of the OCT Campus

Basic Teaching Department with Five-year Program

The Branch School of the OCT Campus only recruits junior middle school graduates with Shenzhen residence. The School comprises three majors: Art& Design, Animation and International Business. A five-year system is adopted offering basic education in cultural and professional knowledge.

Industrial Product Design

【Training Objectives】Develop students to become professional industrial designers with the capability of product innovation development, product model design, structure design, transmitting design and marketing strategy, ,getting knowledge of product package design, computer-aided design and model first board making by taking full advantages of modern design techniques and methods.  

【Main Courses】Basic Courses for Design, engineering drawing, CAID, Techniques of Effect Drawing, Human-computer Engineering Design, Design Intellect and Methods, Industrial Product Design, Product Model, Study of Design Management, etc.

【Employment Direction】 Graduates will be engaged in product development, design, manufacture, business and management in high-tech companies, industrial enterprises and Specialized Design Companies.


【Training Objectives】This program is designed to cultivate students to become application-oriented individuals with advanced technology in the design and production of animation & cartoon professionally and theoretically.

【Main Courses】Basic Courses of Animation, Movement Regularity & Time Stretch, Animation Character Design, Original Drawing Design& Production, Scene Design & Production, Story Script Planning & Writing , Film & Video , Audiovisual Language, Post-Production of Animation , 3D Design & Production (the modeling, material ,lighting, Animation Blending), After Effect etc.

Career Perspectives

Graduates will be engaged in the corporations related to cultural industries including cartoon, network, design, computer, information and electronic, advertising, construction design, book publishing and distribution, multi-media, game design, toy, film and television circulation, newspapers and magazines printing and publishing, etc.

International Business

International Business is a newly-established program proceeded by many years of teaching practice, job analysis, market research and meticulous planning performed by the School of Applied Foreign Languages. The program adopts an employment-oriented teaching method that combines business practice with foreign language learning, stressing the students’ professional qualities and practical capacities. The program mainly aims to cultivate advanced application-oriented personnel. In addition to a major-oriented foreign language (such as Russian, Spanish, Korean or English), the students are also expected to be familiar with the basics of international business and have practical operating capacity. Graduates of the program mainly take up posts in various foreign-owned institutions, foreign trade enterprises, and cultural organizations. Such posts include those of salesmen, interpreters, tourist guides, administrative assistants or secretaries.

The faculty of International Business has constructed an international personnel training model of many forms. The major courses are taught by a group of professional staff both foreign and Chinese along with experts from the local enterprises. The school has established a friendly relationship with many famous universities in Russia, Spain, and South Korea for academic exchange of teachers and students as well as international cooperation in personnel training. These alliances have resulted in the creation of superior conditions for the students’ professional study and further education.

The program of International Business currently offers three orientations, Russian, Spanish and Korean, recruiting students with certain skills according to market demands from junior middle school graduates with Shenzhen residence. A five-year school system is adopted and graduates will be awarded a diploma with national recognition by Shenzhen Polytechnic.


This program is designed to educate students morally and intellectually, and cultivate higher application-oriented individuals who are good at Spanish, Russian, Korean or English. The students are also expected to become familiar with international business and undertake international business activities in both English and their program-oriented language.

Career Perspectives

Secretaries, translators and clerks in business organizations set up in China by Russian, Spanish or Korean entities;

Secretaries, translators and administrative assistants in the Cultural Exchange Association and the Trade Promotion Association established between China and the nations concerned;

Clerks and translators in Sino-Russian, Sino-Spanish and Sino-Korean joint ventures as well as the firms or agencies that trade with nations speaking Russian, Spanish or Korean;

Secretaries in the foreign affairs offices of governments at various levels.