This department is responsible for external training, cooperative school programs and new subjects construction etc. Current projects include Reinforcement Class for students participating in the National College Entrance Exam and a cooperative program with Shenzhen International Foundation College. The Reinforcement Class has a long-standing history and a strong teaching faculty. With its students doing well every year in the National College Entrance Exam, it has paved a way to colleges and universities for those who failed in the Entrance Exam.

In 2009, the cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Shenzhen International Foundation College came into being. As a result, “3+1 International Program” launched, which is considered as a new page of the history of international education in Shenzhen. This program is designed for high school graduates. Students of this programme will receive diploma courses from Shenzhen Polytechnic, and at the same time, receive international foundation education dedicated by Shenzhen International Foundation College. Meeting the conditions prescribed by the two colleges, the students will be admitted to the diploma certificate and foundation certificate.  With the two certificates, the students can further their bachelor or master study at overseas universities. This program, as a new choice for high school graduates, makes valuable attributions to the  internationalization of education in Shenzhen.

Any education organizations are welcomed to jointly run school with us.

Website: http://hqc.szpt.edu.cn/