1. Applied Computer Technology


Cooperating with ARM, Intel, Microsoft to cultivate production and service front-line engineers, we aim to make the graduates highly skilled application professionals with the ability of embedded system technology, computer hardware, underlying software technology and good engineering and technical capacity.

Main Courses:

Intel IA-32 Architectures

Embedded Computer System Architecture

Microcomputer Interface Techniques

DSP and embedded systems technologies

Embedded program technology

Pc’s BIOS Debugging

USB system architecture


Career Prospects

Graduates are expected to be hand-held product development engineers, elementary programmers, embedded engineers, electronic engineers, single-chip Microcomputer engineers, computer system and peripherals debugging engineer, maintenance engineer, test & measure engineer, Hardware technology design engineer, Enterprise network administrators, and web design programmer. The profession enjoys promising prospects, and a wide employment range in Shenzhen, and graduates have a competitive salary.

2. Computer Information Management


By establishing cooperation relationships with Oracle ,setting up Oracle Academy curriculum, and introducing a high level of international standards certificate system, we aim to cultivate and train the students to be highly skilled application oriented professionals who are qualified in both occupational ethics and operations in control and maintenance of large database management, database application system development, Multimedia Web Technology , programming & maintenance , business applications development , maintenance and implementation of technology .They are also expected to meet the needs of information technology of the enterprises 's front-line.

Main Courses

Database Principle and Applications

Object-Oriented Programming(C#)

Dynamic Web Technologies (ASP.NET)

Web design and production

Oracle database infrastructure

Oracle Database System Management

Data Warehouse and Data Mining

Mobile Development Technology

.NET Programming Technology

ERP Principle and Application,

ERP Software Development and Implementation

Application of multimedia technology

Video synthesis and effects

Comprehensive application &development training

Career Prospects

The graduates are able to work for party and government organs, large-scale databases management and maintenance, databases application development, maintenance and technical support, ERP system implementation and maintenance, Multimedia website design and production, Website programming and software product development, customer service or product sales , and so on.

They are mainly engaged in application development, database management, multimedia website design, ERP system implementation and maintenance, business intelligence, mobile application development, software pre-sales & after-sales service and office information processing.

In May 2012, six students passed the exam of OCM (Oracle Database Certified Master), a top certificate in the database field, and the students are the first group of undergraduates among 300 certificated talents in mainland. These students are popular in several well-known enterprises.

3. Software Technology


To cultivate and train the students to be highly skilled application oriented professionals who are to be specialized in Software development methods and practical skills, online and mobile games development, e-business system development, Management and Maintenance Technology ,software testing technology, Web art &special effects design, and Document management skills.

Main Courses

Object-oriented Programming,


Windows Programming,

Internet Page Design,

Image production and processing,

 Dynamic WEB Technology,

Game Development Technology,

Mobile Application Development,

Middleware technology,

Software Testing Techniques,

basis practice of Computer application ,

practice of Object-oriented Programming,

Object-oriented Programming and Integrated Application Development Training Project, Comprehensive application &development training.

Career Prospects

Graduates are expected to be network game designers, mobile gaming programmers, web designers, Web programmers, web site development engineers, website maintenance administrators, mobile application development programmers, desktop application software system programmers, e-commerce system programmers, software testing engineers, technical documentation managers, and pre-sales & after-sales service engineers .