1. Business Enterprise Management

[Educational Objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents applicable for the management of both enterprises and public institutions, who adapt to market economical development needs, possess good comprehensive quality, rational knowledge structure and strong practical ability, and master modern business management methods and tools well.

[Main Courses]Economics Foundation and Application, Management Foundation, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Development and Management, Marketing, Pragmatic Accounting, Financial Management Practice, Enterprise Informationalization Management, Entrepreneurial Practice, Enterprise Operation Simulation, Human Resources Management Practice, Human Resources Management Simulation Training etc.

[Occupational Direction]Jobs related to operating management in industrial and commercial enterprises and economy management institutions. Students will be qualified for such posts as basic level marketing management, HR management, office administration and production management etc.


2. Marketing

[Educational Objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents applicable for marketing, management and service, who adapt to the development of industrial economy, master modern marketing theoretical knowledge and practical skills well and possess comprehensive quality and strong innovation ability.

[Main Courses]Marketing, Market Research and Prediction, Network Marketing Practice, Marketing Scheming Practice, Negotiation and Sale Skills, Retail Management, Commodity Science Practice, Procurement and Distribution Management, Store Operation Practice and Client Service and Management.

[Occupational Direction]Jobs related to market investigation, client service, product promotion, promotion planning, channel management and marketing management in varieties of manufacturing and service enterprises, and basic or middle level management work in related functional departments of retail, wholesale and logistics merchandise circulation enterprises.

3. Port and Shipping Management

[Educational Objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents applicable for port and shipping production and management, who master theoretical knowledge, basic methods and techniques about modern port, shipping, forwarding, liner agencies and foreign trade transportation related to enterprise business operation and management and know the business process of port, shipping, forwarding, liner agencies and foreign trade transportation enterprises well.

[Main Courses]Port Business Operation, Shipping Business Operation, International Freight Forwarding and Operation, I International Trade and Customs Declaration Practice, Freight Transportation and Storage Practice, Specialty English (Port and Shipping Management), Professional English (port and shipping management), Shipping Law Practice, Introduction to Ships, Introduction to Ports and graduate internship etc.

[Occupational Direction]Jobs related to berth planning, ship planning, container yard planning, dock gate, on-site operation and tallying for port enterprises; jobs related to shipping enterprises distribute in ship dispatching, commerce examination and confirmation, chartering operation, document operation and container management; jobs related to cargo collection, customs clearance, documentation operation, field operation and office operation for forwarder shipping agency enterprises and jobs related to production planning, customs clearance, tallying and storage management in logistics enterprises.

4. Logistics Management

[Educational Objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents applicable for logistics management, who master fundamental theoretical logistics knowledge, and are familiar with the business process of logistics enterprises of different functional types and the logistics management in other enterprises, and grasp relevant fundamental operational skills.

[Main Courses]Supply Chain Management, Logistics Transportation Technology and Practice, Logistics Equipment and Technique, Cargo Management Practice, Warehouse Distribution Technique and Practice, Freight Forwarding Business and Operation, International Trade and Customs Clearance Practice, Procurement and Supply Management, Logistics System Planning and Design, Logistics Information Technology, ERP Principles and Applications, and graduate internship etc.

[Occupational Direction]Jobs related to operation and management of distribution, warehouse, tallying, information processing in logistics enterprises; jobs related to documentary, cargo collection in freight and freight forwarding enterprises; jobs related to road transportation organization and vehicle dispatching in enterprises and public institutions; jobs related to customs clearance, shipping and relevant business processing work; jobs related to material planning, procurement, inventory control and warehouse management in enterprises and public institutions; jobs related to operation and management of goods’ procurement, distribution, storage and transportation in merchandise circulation enterprises.


5. Tourism Management

[Educational objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents with high comprehensive quality, who master comprehensive tourist knowledge, are familiar with tourist market, possess both tourism management theories and operational skills, have stronger communication and innovation capacity, and are applicable for management and service posts in corporate travel companies, travel agencies, tourist attractions and foreign-related enterprises etc.

[Main Courses]Tourism Geography, Tourism Marketing, Simulation of Tour Guide, Business Etiquette, Tourism Culture, Basic Knowledge of Tour Guide, Travel Agency Operation and Management, Tourism Resources Development and Management, Tourism Laws and Regulations, Tourism English, English Through Watching Listening &Speaking, Overview of Custom Resource Country, etc.

[Occupational Direction]Jobs related to administrative management, public relations, marketing, tour guide, the maintenance, planning and design of tourist attractions, customer service and other management work in tourism administration departments, travel agencies, tourist consulting company, tourist attractions, tourist automobile company, hotel and other departments.

6. Hotel Management

[Educational objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents with high comprehensive quality, who process multiple abilities of hall reception services, catering services, room services, food production, field management, marketing, Food and travel management software application, English application in tourist hotel leisure industry.

[Main Courses]Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Operation Management, Hotel Supervision Management, Hotel Marketing, Hotel Information Management, Hotel Front Office Room Catering Service And Management, Chinese and Western Food Cooking Technology and Production, Service Etiquette, Hotel English, Hotel Practice, etc.

[Occupational Direction]Service and management work of stared hotels’ front desk, catering, housekeeping department or human resources, marketing, VIP customer management department;, service and management work for golf club, luxury cruise ships, holiday villages, tourist attractions, catering enterprises etc.

7. Administrative Management (Human Resource Management)

[Educational objective]To train application-oriented highly-skilled professional talents with high comprehensive quality for administrative managing (human resource developing and managing), who master modern administrative management (human resource developing and managing) theoretical knowledge and skills.

[Main Courses]Administrative Management, Organizational Behavior, Office Management, Social Security, Human Resource Development And Management, Economic Law, Human Resource Management Practice, Human Resources Management Simulation Training, Professional Mental Quality and Behavior Training, Office Graphic and Video Processing, etc.

[Occupational Direction]: Posts in business administration (human resources management direction) ; posts in nonprofit organizations administrative management (human resources management direction); posts in market intermediary institutions (talent market, talent intermediary institutions, management consulting and planning company, etc.) administration (human resources management direction); posts in finance, real estate, tourism, insurance, transportation, public health, sports and other industry administration (human resources management direction).


Our Quality Courses

Catering Management                                           Liu Zhiliang                National  Exquisite Courses             http://jpkc.szpt.edu.cn/2008/cyjy/

International Trade and Customs Declaration  Practice  Jiang Hong                National  Exquisite Courses             http://jpkc1.szpt.edu.cn/2008/gjmy/

E-Commerce Application                                      Wang Zhi           National  Exquisite Courses             http://jpkc.szpt.edu.cn/dzsw/

Tourism Marketing                                                 Liu Xiaoming            National  Exquisite Courses            http://jpkc1.szpt.edu.cn/jgxy/lyscyx/

Retail Management                                                Zheng Xin                   University Exquisite Courses             http://jpkc1.szpt.edu.cn/jgxy/lsgl/

Shipping Business English                                    Wang Xue                  University Exquisite Courses             http://jpkc1.szpt.edu.cn/jgxy/hyyy/

Logistics Geography                                              Liu Nian             University Exquisite Courses

Warehouse Distribution Technique and Practice                Chen Daifen              University Exquisite Courses

Shipping Business Operation                               Qin Gu                         University Exquisite Courses

Port Business Operation                                      Chen Yang                 University Exquisite Courses             http://vod.szpt.edu.cn/vod.asp?

Network Marketing                                                 Li Fumin            Univeridity Prject No.15511

Logistics Information System                               Ouyang Wenxia                  Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/wlxx/

Commodity Science Practice                               Dou Zhiming              Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/spxjc/

International Trade and Customs Declaration  Practice  Jiang Hong                Univeridity Prject No.15511

Logistics Geography                                               Liu Nian             Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/wldl 

Port Production Management                               Qin GU                        Univeridity Prject No.15511               http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/port

E-Commerce Application                                      Wang Zhi           Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/dzsw

Tourism Geography                                              Shu Huifang              Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/lydl

Introduction to Commercial Enterprise Management        Zhen Xin            Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/syqy

The Logistics Learns                                              Mu Chao                     Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/wlgl

Marketing                                                                 Ge Mei                       Univeridity Prject No.15511               http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/scyx

Basic of Management Science                               Wang Ruzhi               Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://zyk.szpt.edu.cn/qiyeguanli/index.asp

Marketing                                                                 Zhang Jinguang                 Univeridity Prject No.15511                http://zyk.szpt.edu.cn/shichang/index.asp

Hotel Supervision Management                              Rong Li                       Constructing courses

Logistics System Planning and Design                  Mu Chao                     Constructing courses                           http://jpkc1.szpt.edu.cn/jgxy/wlxt 

Introduction to Ships                                                Liu Nian            Constructing courses                           http://ss.szpt.edu.cn/other/cbgl/

Tourism English                                                       Ning Tianshu             Constructing courses

Simulation of Tour Guide                                         Liu Guoqiang             Constructing courses

Network Marketing Practice                                     Li Fumin            Constructing courses