Graphic Art & Communication

● Training Objectives

The purpose of this program is to help students master the basic knowledge about computer and digital imaging, digital workflow, get familiar with Apple computer systems, CTP plate-making system, and digital printing equipment, focus on professional software for design and producing, know about management of digitized & networked workflow in printing and publishing. This program includes Digital imaging Processing and Electronic Publishing subject.

● Core Courses

Digital Imaging Processing subject

Printing Design Application Software, Graphic Design & Layout, Originals Producing and Image Processing, Digital Pre-press, Color Chromatics, Computer to Plate Processing, Color Management Systems, Comprehensive Training Projects for Pre-press, Skill Training for Digital Printing & Digitized Workflow, Professional Training for Senior Technician including Digital Image Processing, Adobe Graphic Arts Designer, and so on.

Electronic Publication Subject

Printing Design Application Software, Graphic Design and Composition, Originals producing and Photograph Processing, Digital Pre-press Technology, Basics of Network Animation, Basics of Program Design in Digital Publication, Digital Publishing Technology, Interaction Design, Audio and Video Editing Technology, Multi-media Publication Making, Professional Training for Senior Technician including Electronic Image Processing, Macromedia Website Page Designer, and so on.

● Career Opportunities

Graduates would be capable of technical or management positions of digital express printing, digital photography, digital pre-press processing, digital graphic arts producing, CTP operation, and so on in printing enterprises, publishing companies, computer companies, website companies, advertisement & design companies, express printing companies, digital photograph studios etc.


Graphic Technology

● Training Objectives

The program aims to help students master the principles and technologies of pre-press, plate- making and press, be good at pre-press imaging processing, operating and controlling in plate-making and printing technology, get familiar with production management and technologic design in printing companies, and customer services, and be capable of technical or management positions of production, business or management in printing industry.

● Core Courses

Printing Chromatics, Image Processing, Digital Pre-press, Printing principles and technologies, Printing Machinery, Flexible & Gravure Printing, Post-press Technology, Special Printing, Printing industrial Management, Printing Marketing and Business, Press Operating, and Comprehensive Training Projects for Pre-press.

● Career Opportunities

Graduates would be capable of technical or management positions of pre-press processing, plate-making and press, printing marketing and business, press operating in printing enterprises; or layout design, printing design and producing, printing production workflow in publishing companies; or printing design and producing in advertisement & design companies, etc.

Packaging Technology & Design

● Training Objectives

The program aims to help students get familiar with the principles and technologies of packaging, and packaging materials; master the principles and operating of packaging machinery, packaging printing, gain the skills of how to present the arts design, how to control printing product quality, structural design and technologic design of packaging containers, packaging decoration design and printing, manufacturing and producing of various packaging containers, be capable of technical or management positions of packaging design, manufacturing and management in packaging industry. This program includes Printing Design and Packaging Technology and Management subject.

● Core Courses

Packaging Technology and Management subject

Basics of Packaging Design, Mechanical Drawing and CAD, Packaging Design Application Software, Packaging Materials and Containers, Packaging Decoration and Shape Design, Structural Design and Manufacturing of Paper Packaging Containers, Packaging Technology and Equipment, Packaging Testing, Packaging Printing, etc.

Printing Design Subject

Graphic Creation, Character Creation, Basics of Graphic Design, Publishing Design Application Software, Website Page Design, Packaging Decoration Design, Layout Design, Bookbinding Design, Photography, Pre-press Technology, Poster Design, VI Design, Illustration Design, Container Shape Design, and so on.

● Career Opportunities

Graduates would be capable of the positions of structural design, shape design and manufacturing of packaging containers in packaging container manufacturing companies; or packaging technology and management, packaging equipment operating and maintenance in packaging companies; or packaging decoration design and producing in advertisement & design companies; or packaging technology and management in food, pharmacy and other logistics companies.

Publishing & Distribution

● Training Objectives

The purpose of this program is to help students know well about principles & technology of graphic arts editing, gain the skills of proof, audit, design and output about graphic arts, layout design and text editing. This program includes three subjects, Edit Publication, Publishing Design and Media Planning and Management.

● Core Courses

Edit Publication Subject

Printing Design Application Software, Basics of Media Communication, Basics of layout Arrangement, Photography, Layout Design, Website Page Design, Manuscript Editing and Proofing, Media Business and Management, Economy and Publishing Regulations, Pre-press Technology, Communication and Planning of advertisement, and Newspaper Editing and Composition, etc.

● Career Opportunities

Graduates would be capable of the positions of technical editor, graphic arts editor, and publishing layout designer in the publication deportment of printing enterprises or publishing companies; or editing, design, making deportment in advertisement, website, and packaging design companies; or pre-press processing, layout arrangement, printing design & producing in printing companies; or publication marketing and management, publication promotion in big organizations or printing enterprises.

Staff in M&C School

Head of Department

Ms Lijie.Wang Professor

Academic Staff

(*)Graphic Art & Communication

Mr Yuanhong.Zhu Professor

Ms Wenqiong.He Associate Professor

Mr Xuliang.Zhang Associate Professor

Mr Songhua.He Associate Professor

Mr Hui.Zhang Lecturer

Mr Zhen.Tong Lecturer

Dr Qiao.Chen Lecturer

Ms Peng.Chen Lecturer

Ms Dingxuan.Liu Lecturer

Ms Yuan.Gao Engineer

Mr Xiangyang.Xu Teaching Assistant

Mr Liangcai.Zhang Teaching Assistant

(*)Graphic Technology

Dr Ziyou.Bai Associate Professor

Mr Zhengxiu.Zhang Associate Professor

Mr Guanghua.Pan Associate Professor

Ms Li.Wu Associate Professor

Mr Shaowu.Chen Associate Professor

Ms Yongshuang.Zhu Engineer

Mr Zhihong.Liu Engineer

Ms Huayu.Xie Engineer

(*)Packaging Technology & Design

Mr Lou.Chen Associate Professor

Mr Wei.Tian Associate Professor

Dr Dongmei.Wang Associate Professor

Mr Yun.Li Associate Professor

Mr Gongwei.Li Lecturer

Mr Yinping.Liu Lecturer

Mr Yao.Yan Lecturer

Mr Jiahua.Jiang Lecturer

(*)Publishing & Distribution

Mr Wuyi.Cao Professor

Ms Weiping.Wen Associate Professor

Ms Qisha.Chen Lecturer

Ms Yan.Gao Lecturer

Mr Xisheng.Liu Lecturer

Ms Qin.Fan Lecturer

Ms Xiaohong.Wang Lecturer

Mr Bo.Gao Teaching Assistant


School of Media and Communication possesses of a top-ranking practical training lab, which is about 5,400 square meters in size, and the equipments value is 35 millions. We have undertaken 5 technical ability identifications of Shenzhen Labor Bureau, and 3 international or domestic certifications. We have also undertaken 1 national natural science foundation project, 2 projects of civic technological program, 2 school's advanced technique transfer projects, and some horizontal subjects and a number of students' innovation.

Graduates in M&C School

Requirement for Graduates

1. Gaining 120-130 credits.

2. Obtain CEAC (Certified Office Informatization Expert) certificate or Microsoft Office Specialist certificate.

3. Obtain the professional technical certificates.

College Cooperation


● When completing the planned contents of the study, students can be upgraded to participate in the examination to upgrade from academy students to university students. Generally, the examination is held in annual mid- May.

Students who reach the entry score can transfer into a university as junior. They can get a College degree when obtaining all credits.

● After graduation, students can continue sitting and studying at Wuhan University in related majors. After three years' studying and achieving Wuhan University's graduate requirements, students can get the adult or network education College degree, and the enrollment may continue to Wuhan University graduate with a master's degree.

Study Abroad

● University of Wolverhampton, UK

Since January 1997, our school and the University of Wolverhampton in UK signed three cooperative education agreements. So far, 226 people to U.W students, of which 50 people have or are pursuing Master or PhD degrees. The majors related to ours are Media Design and Digital Media, etc. U.W Website :http://www.wlv.ac.uk

● RMIT University

Our school and the Art design and Communication department and the international printing center of RMIT University signed an exchange of teachers and students of cooperation agreement. The related majors are Graphic Technology, Graphic Communication, electronic Publishing, etc. Admission requirement to achieve results of IELTS is 6.0.

Training and Certification


1. For the guarantee training effect, the theory class starts work the population not to surpass 60 people; the practice class starts work the population not to have to surpass 30 people.

2. Various training classes’ population achieved above 15 people then stars work.

3. The enterprise collective starts works items and so on curriculum, study period, charge standard may discuss in person the consultation.

4. These courses are created for social students.

Social Services

Our school has a strong teachers troops, in addition to carrying on daily teaching, they can offer the following services to the society:

● Image and color management theories and application

● Print media design and production

● Compilation and publication planning

● Advanced packaging printing technology transfer project

● New printing technology research, promotion and service projects

● Development of datamation and standardization system in printing process and quality control

● Printing Enterprise Information Management System

● Printing materials and quality testing

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