I. Diploma Education

With the needs of local enterprises and industrial development of Shenzhen as its orientation, the School of Continuing Education and Training actively explores the operation mode of adult vocational education and personnel training. It has formed its own features in program design, course construction, teaching models, teaching methods, and teaching team. So far, it has trained a large number of technical and management personnel in the front line of production, construction, management and service, and it has become an influential and professional base of adult education in Shenzhen.

The School currently offers 27 programs for adult higher education, with more than 7,000 registered students.

Programs Overview

1. Logistics Management

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who boast basic theoretical knowledge and skills in logistics management, who are familiar with the business processes of enterprise logistics, and who are able to take up logistics management in the front line.

Main Courses: Introduction to Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Practices, Logistics Transportation Technologies and Practices, Logistics Equipment Technology, Goods Conservation Technologies, Warehousing and Distribution Management, International Freight Forwarding, International Trade and Customs Practices, Logistics and Information Technology.

2. Computerized Accounting

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who boast the basic theory and methods of accounting, financial management, auditing and supervision, who are familiar with corporate financial accounting, financial control, auditing, and verification, and who are able to deal with accounting business with computers.

Main Courses: Principles of Accounting, Financial Accounting Practices, Computerized Accounting, Financial Management Practices, Cost Accounting, Financial Software Applications, Auditing Practices, Tax Law Practices, Financial Statement Analysis


This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who boast the theoretical knowledge and operational skills of administration and human resources management, who have good interpersonal communication and coordination abilities, and who are able to engage in human resources management and administration at the grass-root level.

Main Courses: Introduction to Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Social Security Science, Employee Relations and Communication, Salary Management Practices, Personnel Evaluation Theory and Methods, Staff Training Practice.

4. Marketing

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who boast modern marketing theory, knowledge and professional skills, and enjoy strong innovation ability and marketing capabilities.

Main Courses: Principles of Marketing, Advertising Planning Practices, Market Research and Forecasting, Electronic Commerce, Field Marketing, International Marketing, Business Negotiations and Marketing, Corporate Image Planning, Marketing Psychology.

5. Business Administration

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master modern business management methods and modern management tools, and who enjoy a rational structure of economic and management expertise and strong practical abilities.
Main Courses: Introduction to Management, Business Operation and Operational Management, Financial Management, Enterprise Information Management, Market Research and Forecasting, Human Resources Management, E-commerce, Introduction to Project Management.

6. Hotel Management
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the main business concerning Hotel companies, and who are able to organize and manage frontline work with the Reception desk, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage and other major business sectors.
Main Courses: Hotel Management, Catering Services Technology, Lobby & Room Service and Management, Hotel Information Management, Catering Management, Tourism Marketing, Service Etiquette, Hotel English.

7. International Business

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the theory and operating techniques of international trade and international marketing, and who are able to engage in foreign trade business operations, single operation, document operations, international market development and marketing planning.

Main courses: International Trade Practices, International Marketing Practices, Customs and Inspection Practices, Foreign Trade with a Single Practice, International Financial Practices, Practical Business English, Business Etiquette and Negotiation Techniques.

8. Business English

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theory and operating procedures of international business, and who are able to communicate in English in business environment.

Main Courses: Business English, Integrated English, International Trade Practice, International Commercial Law, Business Correspondence, and Business Documents.

9. Applied English
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master foreign affairs practice concerning Foreign reception and culture exchange, and who boast a good command of English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation capabilities and cross-cultural communicative competence.

Main Courses: Foreign Affairs English, Comprehensive English, English Listening and Speaking, English Reading, English Writing, Foreign Affairs Interpreting, Chinese and American Culture, and International Business Communication.

10. Figure Image Design
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master theoretical knowledge of the overall characters design, and who boast make-up modeling and commercial character image design capabilities.

Main Courses: Make-up Design, Hair Styling, Image Color Design, Creative Image Design, Beauty Salon Operation and Management.

11. Video Animation
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the techniques of scene design, virtual modeling, materials and lighting production, animation, special effects production, synthetic rendering, and visual-audio production, and who boast creative and planning capacities.
Main courses: Animation Character Design, Pre-planning of Animation Design and Production, Three-dimensional Modeling Techniques, Three-dimensional Texture Lighting Production Technology, Three-dimensional Animation Technology, Audio-visual Language and Editing.

12. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the operating skills of common CAD / CAM software, and who boast the capacities to design mechanical or mode (including the plastic and stamping mode) structure, to program numerical control processing
and operate CNC machine tools

Main Courses: Fundamentals of Machine Design, Fundamentals of Machinery Manufacturing, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering, Special Processing Technology, Numerical Control Machine Tool Applications, CAD / CAM Application Software (Master CAM, UG, Pro / E)

13. Mechatronics Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theory and professional knowledge of mechatronics, and who enjoy the capacities of installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, repair, management, marketing and technical service for mechanical and electrical integration equipment.
Main Courses: Fundamentals of Machine Design, Electrician and Electrical Measurement Techniques, Applied Electronic Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Integration Technologies, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology, Production and Programming of Robots, Applications of Programmable Logic Controller.

14. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theory and techniques of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, and who are able to technical transform, maintain, operate, design and manage central air-conditioning systems.

Main Courses: Refrigeration Technology, Air-conditioning Technology, Pumps and Fans, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Monitoring and Control Technology, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Maintenance Technology, Central Air-conditioning System Operation and Management.

15. Computer Application Technology

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the technology of computer system installation, debugging and maintenance, office software applications and web design, and who enjoy computer systems operation, maintenance, repair and virus prevention and data recovery capabilities.

Main Courses: Web Design and Production, Flash Animation Design, PhotoShop Image Processing, C Language Programming, Object-oriented Programming (JAVA), Java Network Programming, Dynamic Web Technologies (JSP), Computer Assembly and Maintenance.

16. Electronics and Information Engineering Technology

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theory of electronic circuits, and who are familiar with commonly used instrumentation, intelligent electronic product development process, and who possess the capacities of microcontroller system development and design, and electronic design.

Main Courses: Circuit and Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, VB Language Programming, Microcontroller Application Technology, Electronic Circuit Board Design, AVR Microcontroller Technology, Detection and Conversion Technologies, Intermittent Control and PLC.

17. Communication Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theories and skills of communication technology, and who are familiar with production, testing, installation and commissioning of communication equipment as well as operation, inspection, maintenance, and construction communication network and communications equipment, and marketing communications products.

Main Courses: Communication Theory, Computer Network Technology, Optical Fiber Communication Technology, Switching Technology, Switch Operation and Maintenance, Broadband Access Technology, Optical Transmission Technology, Communication Marketing, Communication Project Implementation and Supervision, Network Operating System (LINUX), Telecom Instruments , and Mobile Communications Infrastructure.

18. Software Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theories and skills of software technology, and who possess the capacities of computer system installation, debugging, maintenance, office software applications, and website development and maintenance.

Main Courses: Database Principles and Applications, Fundamentals of Programming, Object-oriented Programming, Data Structures, Large Databases, Web Design and Production, Dynamic WEB Technology, Computer Assembly and Maintenance of Computer Networks.

19. Project Budgeting

This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic procedures and knowledge of project construction, and who can manage project budgets and billing.

Main Courses: Building Mapping, Building Structure Foundation and Mapping, Building Construction, Construction Budget Estimate, Projects Bidding and Contract Management, Project Cost Management, and Professional Software.

20. Architectural Design Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theory and methods of architectural design, and who enjoy a strong architectural CAD drawing ability and can operate computers and the corresponding professional software for building and decoration design.

Main Courses: Architectural Drawings, Architectural Computer Graphics, Fundamentals of Architectural Design, Residential Buildings Design, Public Architectural Design, Building Construction, Building Construction Design, Interior Design.

21. Property Management
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theoretical knowledge of property management as well as the common property regulations, and who boast a practical operating capacity for property management.

Main Courses: Housing Construction and Decoration Works, Equipment and Intelligent Management of the Property, Housing Repairs Management, Real Estate Operation and Management, Property Management Practices, Property Management Laws and Regulations, Property Management Proposal Making.

22. Health Care
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the theoretical knowledge and the necessary professional skills for nursing career, and who are able to engage in the job of nursing and health care.

Main Courses: Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Basic Nursing, Medical Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Maternity Nursing and Pediatric Care.

23. Dental Medical Technology (oral technology)
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the basic theoretical knowledge and technical expertise of oral medicine, and who boast strong oral repair skills and can engage in oral work.

Main Courses: Oral Anatomy, Introduction to Dental Materials and Technology, Fixed Denture Technology, Removable Denture Technology, Full-mouth Denture Technology, Overview of Oral Diseases, Oral Orthodontics, Oral Preventive Medicine, Stomatology Aesthetics.

24. Drug Operation and Management
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master professional knowledge of medicines and basic theories and methods of management, and who are familiar with Pharmacy laws and regulations.

Main Courses: Basis of Clinical Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sscience, Chinese Medicine, Pharmaceutical Marketing Principles, Pharmacy Administration and Introduction to GSP.

25. Automobile Application Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the structure and principle of modern motor vehicles and their electronic control systems, who can take advantage of advanced equipment to test and diagnose vehicle performance and problems, and who boast the capability of vehicle identification and assessment, vehicle maintenance, testing, and fault diagnoses.

Main Courses: Fundamentals of Automotive Electronic Control, Automobile Engines and Control Technologies, Automotive Power-train Systems, Automotive Brake Systems, Vehicle Suspension and Steering Systems, Automotive Performance Test Technology, Automotive Fault Diagnoses Techniques, Identification and Assessment of Second-hand Motor Vehicles, Automotive Electrical and Auxiliary Electronic Systems.

26. Automotive Technical Service and Marketing
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master basic automotive theory and technology, and master the marketing theory and skills of automotive vehicle and parts, and who can engage in car sales, after-sale reception, management, vehicle identification, assessment, insurance, claims, vehicle accidents inspections and other work.

Main Courses: Automotive Electrical and Electronic Technology, Automotive Engines and Control Technology, Vehicle Chassis and Control Technology, Automotive Marketing Practices, Automotive Testing and Diagnoses Techniques, Identification and Assessment of Second-hand Car, Car Selling Techniques, and Auto Parts Management and Marketing.

27. Printing Technology
This program aims to train application-oriented professionals, who master the operation and maintenance technology of plate and printing equipment, and understand the principle and process of plate making and printing technology, and who boast the capability of pre-press image processing, plate making and printing process control.

Main Courses: Basis of Printing Technology, Printing Color, Digital Prepress, Printing Equipment, Printing Technology, Special Printing, Post-printing Processes, Printing Enterprises Management.


II. Self-taught Examination

Shenzhen Polytechnic was selected by Guangdong Self-taught Examination Committee as one of the first vocational schools that have the authority to organize self-taught examination. The program offered is NC Technology Application (Three Years Study)

In addition, Shenzhen Polytechnic also opens undergraduate self-taught courses with the support of Tianjin University, South China University of Technology, and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. The four-year programs offered include Mold Design and Manufacturing, Computerized Accounting, Business Administration, Vehicle maintenance and testing, and Business English.

III. Vocational Training

The School adheres to the "people-oriented" service concept and dedicates service to all walks of life. It has now developed into a higher vocational education teachers’ training base under the Ministry of Education, a highly skilled personnel training base under the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, a vocational teachers training base in Guangdong Province, a skilled personnel training base of Guangdong Province and a re-employment training base of Shenzhen. It mainly engages in the teachers training programs for the national higher vocational institutes, the vocational schools in Guangdong, and the primary and secondary schools in Shenzhen. It also conducts full-time, amateur, short-term or long-term training programs for over 200 vocational skills and vocational qualifications concerning machinery and electronics, printing, computer, chemistry and biology, health care, management, accounting and finance for the organizations and individuals in the region of Pearl River Delta.

The Major Training Projects:

1. Training Projects for Higher Vocational Teachers:

Operation and Programming of Machining Center;

Failure Diagnosis and Maintenance of NC Machine Tool;

Intelligent Building Technology and Difficulty Analysis of the Vocational Qualifications;

Technology of modern sensor and its application;

Application of Siemens Automation Technology;

Web site programming Based on Linux Open-source Technology;

Advanced Technology Development and Project Practice Based on Eclipse's java;

3GMobile New Technology;

Oracle Advanced Database Management;

FPGA and AVR Microcontroller Application Technology;

Communication Network Transmission Technology;

Smart Cards and RFID Application Technology;

Surface Mount (SMT) Machining Technology;

WEB Database Project Practice and Development;

PBX Operation and Maintenance Technology;

Integrated Circuits (IC) Full-custom Design Technology;

Embedded C Language Programming based on PIC Microcontroller Techniques ;

IT Workplace English;

Integrated Application Technology of PLC and Frequency Converter;

Automobile Application and Maintenance;

Three-dimensional Animation Production Technology;

DV Filming and Post-production;

Adobe Graphic Designer

English Teaching Design and Educational Technology Applications;

British Standards of National Vocational Qualification Certificate and their Application in Business English Teaching;

Container Transport Operations and Freight Forwarding Management;

Advanced Application of Software for Art and Design;

Decorative Sculpture and Fast Non-burned Ceramic Technology;

Working plus Learning Practical Teaching Technology of Decorative Metal Fabrication DIY;

Advanced Seminar for the Construction of Quality Course in Higher Vocational Colleges

2. Training Projects for Vocational Skills:

CNC Technology and Application,
Mold Manufacturing Technology,
Mold Design,
Garment Pattern Design,
Costume Design,
Computer Practical Technology

Computer Assembly and Maintenance,
Auto Electrical Inspection and Maintenance,
Practical Printing Technology,
SMT Operator,
SMT Technician

Electrical Technician
CNC Machining Center,
CNC Lathe Operator,
CNC Slow Wire Cutting Machining,
CNC Machine Tool Maintenance

UG Modeling and Programming,
Pro / E Product Design,
Solar Water Heaters and Systems Installation,
Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance,
Central Air-conditioning System Operators

Offset Printers,
Lithographic Printers,
CTP Operator,
Office Software Applications,
Graphic Image Processing

Computer Assembly and Maintenance,
Pharmaceutical Workers

Purchasing staff of Pharmaceutical goods,
Glasses Optometrist
Maternal and Child Health Staff,
Prosthodontics Workers
Psychological Counseling Staff,
Logistics of Public Module,
Logistics Staff

Assistant Logistics Manager,
Human Resource Manager,
Assistant Human Resource Manager
Property Manager
Assistant Property Manager,
Accounting Qualification Certificate,
Computerized Accounting,
Accounting Title

IV. Skills Accreditation and Certification

Cooperating with government agencies, famous enterprises home and abroad, and the associations, the School has introduced over 250 authoritative professional qualification certificates, including 67 foreign certificates. The Seventh Vocational Skills Certification Station of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province under the School has certificate qualification of 67 jobs covering the preliminary, intermediate, and advanced classes, as well as technicians. The School offers skills accreditation and certification service on a regular basis, totaling over 20,000 each year.

1. The Main Qualifications

Jade Identification Workers,
Art Decorators ,
Corrugated Box Forming Workers,
Costume Design Custom Makers,
Merchandise Sales,

Aquaculture Workers
Flower Workers,
Fruit Workers,
Make-up Artists,
Instrument Inspection Workers,

Electronic Instrument Calibration Mechanics,
Program-controlled Switches Debugger,
Veterinary Control Staff,
Product Freshness-keepers
CNC Lathe Operator,
CNC Milling Machine Operator,


Cold workers,
Home Electronics Products Maintenance Workers,
Vehicle Maintenance Workers,
Vehicle Maintenance Electrician

Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance Worker,
Central Air-conditioning System Operators,
Garment Sewing Workers,
Tailoring workers,

Diamond Inspector,
Pharmaceutical Workers
Ikebana member
Computer Phototypesetting Workers,
Lithographic Pressman

Lithographic Printing Down Workers,
Mill Workers,
Jewelry Production Workers,
Machining Center Operator

Food Inspection Workers (beer),
Food Inspection Workers (confectionery),
Food Inspection Workers (milk and dairy products),
Food Inspection Workers (white wine, fruit wine, and rice wine)

Chemical Inspectors,
Electric Cutting Workers (cutting machine operator),
Electric Cutting Workers (EDM machine operator),

Audio Typist,

Plastic Injection Molding Workers,
Pharmaceuticals Member
Assistant pharmaceuticals
Screen Printers,
Screen Plate-making Workers

Interior Art Designer,
Traditional Chinese medicine Regulator
Pay-off Measurement Workers,
Port Stock Keeper,
Landscape Construction Workers

CNC Machine Tool Maintenance Worker,
Smart Card System Maintenance Staff,
Hydraulic Pneumatic Control Worker ,
Computer Artist,
Cartoon Animator,

Film Post-production Staff,
Medical Device Quality Manager,
Packaging Design Draftsman,
Care Workers,
Clothing Designer

2. The Main Certifications

Cisco's Network Engineer Certification
Oracle's Programmers Certification
Corel Corporation’s Corel PainterIX Certificate

VCampus Corporation’s CIW network Security Certification
Autodesk's 3ds Max Product Specialists Certification,

Autodesk's 3ds Max Visualization Designer Certification,

Autodesk's Maya Product Specialist Certification,
Adobe's Graphic Designer and Web Designer Certification,
City and Guild of London Institute’s Pitman Certificate

V. Cooperation Programs

With its cooperation with Guangzhou Medical College, Wuhan University of Technology, and Foreign Economic and Trade University, Shenzhen Polytechnic has respectively set up a Teaching Station, Correspondence Station, and a Modern Distance Education Learning Center in Shenzhen. Guangzhou Medical College (Shenzhen Teaching Station) offers five four-year programs including Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Oral Medicine, Rehabilitation Science, and Medical Examination. Wuhan University of Technology (Shenzhen Correspondence Station) offers seven four-year programs including Electronic Information Engineering, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering, Logistics Management, Marketing, and Engineering Cost, and five three-year programs including Business Enterprises Management, Logistics Management, E-commerce, Engineering (Cost) Management, and Construction Technology. Foreign Economic and Trade University (Shenzhen Modern Distance Education Learning Center) offers ten programs including International Trade, Law, Finance, Business English, Accounting, Business Management, Administration, Administration (Customs Management), Insurance, Information Management and Information System (Computer Application). So far, over 1200 graduates have been produced.