Delegation of University of Wales Trinity Saint David Visit Shenzhen Polytechnic

Li Yue exchanged souvenirs with Zhao Yanxia

On the afternoon of December 23, professor Zhao Yanxia, assistant to president of University of Wales Trinity Saint David, and her party visited Shenzhen Polytechnic. Vice president Li Yue met with professor Zhao Yanxia and her party in No.101 meeting room of Mingde Building. Yang Congkun, deputy director of International Office, participated in the meeting.

First, Li Yue warmly welcomed Zhao Yanxia and her party. She briefly introduced the basic situation, schools and faculty of Shenzhen Polytechnic. She particularly mentioned that Shenzhen Polytechnic has cooperated with colleges and universities in UK since itse stablishment, and the cooperation had a long history. Shenzhen Polytechnic hoped to establish friendly cooperation with Universityof Wales Trinity Saint David to improve the level of cooperation with colleges and universities in UK.

Professor Zhao mentioned that the establishment of University of Wales TrinitySaint David dated back to 1882, when Prince Charles was the president. This university has a profound Chinese complex, and established a Han school last year to popularize Sinology in the UK and even the world. She said that University of Wales Trinity Saint David looked forward to cooperating with Shenzhen Polytechnic in Chinese teaching, international program cooperation, etc.

Later,  they exchanged opinions on future cooperation in Chinese teaching, student exchange, international program cooperation, etc. Professor Zhao and her party visited the School of Applied Foreign Languages after the meeting.

Established on November 18, 2010, University of Wales Trinity Saint David is acollegiate university in Wales with campuses in Lampeter, Carmarthen, Swansea and London. University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the result of merger of University of Wales Lampeter and TrinityUniversity College Carmarthen according to Royal Charter of Lampeter in 1828. Swansea Metropolitan University was officially incorporated into it on August 1, 2013. University of Wales with international reputation will be incorporated in 2017. Prince Charles is the royal patron of the university.