Chen Qiuming Attends Plenary Meeting for Compilation of A Series of Books on Cultural Education Achievements in Polytechnics

Meeting held in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

To summarize the preliminary work of A BookSeries on Cultural Education Achievements in Polytechnics (“Books Series”) anddiscuss the following work arrangements, the Expert Verification Board andEditorial Board of the Book Series held a plenary meeting from December 5 toDecember 6 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Experts Wang Jisheng, director of theExpert Verification Board and former director of Higher Education ResearchInstitute under the State Education Commission, Hu Xianzhang, deputy directorof the Expert Verification Board and former deputy secretary of CPC TsinghuaUniversity Committee, Wang Yiqiu, deputy director of the Expert Verification Boardand former managing vice president of Peking University, Zuo Jiaqi, executivedeputy director of the Expert Verification Board and former secretary of CPCZhejiang Institute of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Committee, MaQingfa, member of the Expert Verification Board and director of VocationalEducation Research Center of East China Normal University, Wang Jie, directorof University Culture and History Research Institute of Tianjin University, andXu Pingli, researcher of National Institute of Vocational Education ShenzhenBranch Institute attended the meeting. Also joining the meeting were 40officials and guests from higher education publishing houses and 13 highereducation colleges from all over the country. Chen Qiuming, secretary of CPC SZPTCommittee, made a summary speech on behalf of the Editorial Board.

At the meeting, Zhu Aisheng, secretary of CPCWuxi Institute of Technology Committee, made a speech; Zuo Jiaqi reported theexpert validation and verification on the outlines for the Book Series; JinhuaPolytechnic and Kunming Metallurgy College made keynote speeches as members tothe Editorial Board; Wang Jisheng made a keynote report and Hu Xianzhang sharedhis experience in compiling the RevivingCulture of the Century-old Tsinghua—A Cultural Research on Tsinghua University.Following the speech by Wang Yiqiu, Liu Jian, director of Humanities &Social Sciences Academic Publishing Unit of Higher Education Press, made astatement of his opinions and unfolded discussions with the officials, expertsand guests present in respect of the compilation theories and operations of theBook Series.

In his speech, Secretary Chen Qiumingacknowledged the achievements brought by the meeting. He further pointed outthat it’s both an important meeting and a training session at a critical pointof compilation of the Book Series. In the summary of preliminary work, theExpert Verification Board analyzed the problems and shortcomings incompilation. With the exchanges between the members of the Editorial Board, thefundamental theoretical problems of cultural education and compilationrequirements of the Book Series were further clarified. The sense of urgencyand responsibility for the work was enhanced and remarkable achievements weremade.

On behalf of the Editorial Board, SecretaryChen Qiuming further put forward his suggestions. He expressed his hope thatall colleges should attach great importance to the compilation of the BookSeries.

As he pointed out, the Book Series is apresentation of overall level of polytechnics to the community externally and asummary of previous college operation ideas, college culture, spirit and talenttraining models internally. Therefore, the college leaders were encouraged toparticipate in the manuscript discussion and writing and gather all efforts tocomplete the manuscript. In the principle of openness, dynamics and qualityfirst, he extended his welcome to other polytechnics joining the efforts duringcompilation. The books will be published separately if ready for publishing.The manuscript of each college will be verified by the experts who will makecomments. Finally, the Editorial Board and Publishing House will decide whetherto include the manuscript into the Book Series on the basis of review commentsof the Expert Verification Board. He further advised on the style andcompilation progress.    

After this meeting, the colleges will startto write respective volumes for the Book Series. The first 10 books areexpected to be completed by the end of 2018. Considering that a number ofhigher education colleges hope to be part of the program since its launch inJune 2015, the Editorial Board will start the compilation for the second batchof books. It’s believed that the joint efforts from polytechnics will produceoutstanding achievements on cultural education and make contributions to thepromotion of connotative development and quality enhancement of Chinese highervocational education, and to the exploration of Chinese characteristicinnovation path of higher vocational education. 

(Wang Bo, Information Publicity Department)