Cross-Strait College Student Exchange Camp Program Satisfactorily Concluded

Taiwan Teachers and Students Visiting Qianhai Youth Innovation andEntrepreneur Hub

To promote the exchanges between cross-Straitcollege students and present the charm of SZPT and Shenzhen, SZPT launched the2016 Cross-Strait College Student Exchange Camp Program from December 1 toDecember 6. Themed with Cross-Strait Youth Build the Future Together—36th Anniversary of Opening-up and Reform, the Program was joined by 43 teachers andstudents from 9 partners colleges in Taiwan, including National TaipeiUniversity of Technology, Shu-Te University and Hsiuping University of Scienceand Technology.

On the morning of December 2, Vice PresidentLi Yue joined the Opening Ceremony for Exchange Camp Program and welcomed ourvisitors from Taiwan on behalf of SZPT. Opening the speech with the verses fromHomesickness authorized by Yu Guangzhong—“Homesickness is the shallow Straits,I am here and the Mainland is there,” Vice President Li Yue pointed out thatthe cross-Strait youth are the main force for cross-Strait economic developmentand should exchange, widen horizon and work together for the future. Afterthat, Zheng Shiyi (in Pinyin),director of Cross-Strait Cooperation Office of Shu-Te University gave a speechon behalf of our partner colleges. Emphasizing the importance of cooperationamong cross-Strait youth, she stated that they should join hands to promote theprogress of society. Lastly, student delegates from the Exchange Camp made aself introduction at the Opening Ceremony chaired by Zhao Jizheng, director ofHong Kong, Macau & Taiwan Students Office.

Within 6 days, our guests from Taiwan visitedShenzhen Museum, Lotus Mount Park, Tencent Technology, Qianhai Youth Innovationand Entrepreneur Hub and Splendid China. They also attended the lecture titledEconomic Development, Reform and Opening-up of Shenzhen, and Chinese KungfuExperience Event and other activities. Gaining a new understanding on thedevelopment of Shenzhen, the Taiwan students joining the Camp expressed theirhope of further study and exchange in SZPT. Zeng Wenxin from Shu-Te Universityplanned to start his business in Shenzhen and this camp had further inspiredhim to pursue his plan.

The morning of December 16 saw the ClosingCeremony held at the Conference Room 109 of Mingde Building. The studentdelegates shared what they thought about the Program. The students enjoyed theProgram activities which helped them see Shenzhen in a different way. Theywould definitely share this great experience with their family and friends.“Everyone who walks into our lives represents a flavor of food and aningredient. We gather together today and we may forget each other’s name a yearlater. But what we won’t forget is the flavor of food that we left. As we moveon, we may meet each other again at the next crossing,” Yang Baiwei (in Pinyin) from Shu-Te University saidwith affectionately. Lastly, Zhao Jizheng made a summary speech and presented agroup photo to each student as a souvenir. He said that the Program might cometo an end, but it will be a new beginning for all those joining the Program: itwill be a beginning for students to get to know each other, and a new beginningto understand the economic development, opening-up and reform of MainlandChina. it’s hoped that this Camp Program can unit people and spreadrighteousness, become an advocate and promoter of opening-up and reform, apractitioner and inheritor of benefiting mankind, and make due contributions tothe common prosperity and peaceful development cross the Straits.

Successfully unfolded, this Program haspromoted the exchanges and friendship between the students of SZPT and thestudents from our partner colleges and universities in Taiwan, and built aplatform for Cross-Strait teachers and students to connect with each other.Reluctant to bid farewell to Shenzhen, many students said they would visitShenzhen as frequently as possible if offered the opportunity. 

(Xia Jingyi, Hong Kong, Macau & TaiwanStudents Office)