Ten-year Review on Design Education Achievement Exhibition of Polytechnics



Audiencesat the Exhibition

On the morning of December 1, the China Art and DesignEducation Achievement Exhibition & Seminar of Vocational Colleges 2006-2016was unveiled at the Citizen Center. It was organized by Higher Vocational andTechnical Education Research Association, Teaching Working Committee of TheChinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education, Shenzhen EducationBureau and SZPT, and undertaken by the School of Art and Design of SZPT. Theopening ceremony was attended by Jia Xingdong, president of SZPT and deputysecretary of CPC SZPT Committee, and Vice President Wen Xidong. The dean of theSchool of Art and Design, department heads and key teachers from 100 vocationalcolleges across China totaling 300 persons joined the event.

At his speech, President Jia Xingdong pointed outChina’s vocational art and design education is flourishing. Art and designspecializations are now offered in over 1,000 colleges and universities, andsee a trend towards popularization and application. At such a historicalmoment, the Achievement Exhibition will carry on the past and open a way forfuture. It’s a summary and exhibition of the reform and developmentachievements of China’s vocational art and design education circles since thedemonstration college drive, and an inspiration and outlook on futureinnovative development.

After one year’s hard work, the faculty of the School ofArt and Design has summarized the art and design education achievements ofChina’s vocational colleges in the past 10 years since the demonstrationcollege drive. About 500 cases have been selected from 800 cases in respect of100 vocational colleges across China for the monograph titled “A Review on TenYears of Art Education in Nationwide Vocational Colleges 2006-2016” and forthis Achievement Exhibition. 

On the afternoon of December 1, A Ten-year Review on theArt and Design Education Seminar of Vocational Colleges 2006-2016 was held atthe International Lecture Hall of SZPT Library. Themed with the transformation,reform and innovation of art and design education of vocational colleges underthe new situation, the seminar unfolded academic exchanges and discussions inrespect of such topics as training models of innovative talents, serviceeconomy and social development, teambuilding, modern apprenticeship,inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and international school operation.Vice President Wen Xidong attended the seminar and made a speech. Ma Shuchao,vice president of The Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education,delivered a speech titled “The Characteristics of Higher Vocational EducationToday and A New Reflection on the Fusion of Industry and Education.” Afterthat, the representatives of vocational collages conducted 3 academicinterviews in groups. 

(The School of Art and Design)