Celebrating International Youth Skills Day: Shenzhen Polytechnic is in Action

July 15th is the day named by UNESCO as International Youth Skills Day. And June and July are the graduation months of many young graduates in TVET institutions in China, including Shenzhen Polytechnic (, “SZPT”). For such a meaningful and hopeful day, SZPT has organized various activities to celebrate the international day for promoting youth skills. The following are some of the activities happened in SZPT in June and July.
As a top institution of higher TVET in China, SZPT has always been in action to support youth skill development and young talents cultivation, including nutrition of young students in over 70 specialties, industry-collaborations, skill competitions and so on.
On June 27th, an annual graduation ceremony was organized. Prof. JIA Xingdong, SZPT president, delivered his inspiring speech titled as “Do well in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication (Sound “Cheng” in Chinese, a homonym of the word meaning “to take”) and Division (Sound “Chu” in Chinese, a homonym of the word meaning “to eliminate”) of Our Life”. He explained that "Addition is to keep on learning with sensitive tentacles approaching to the practical world. Subtraction is to reduce and remove burdens and make things simple so as to create wonderful outcomes. Multiplication (in fact meaning “to take” here) is to broaden ones’ vision so as to take the opportunity of the country’s development and promote together. And division (in fact meaning “to eliminate” here) is to eliminate ones’ shortcomings and take the leading role and responsibility of the new era.” The speech is marked with full of care and good wishes as a farewell gift for the graduats. And Prof. Chen Qiuming, Party Secretary General of SZPT, awarded the graduates with good achievement in their schooling here. In this graduation season, 7561 students have been approved for their graduation, and 6776 among them have also achieved their certificates of a minor major. 220 students are honoured with outstanding graduate awards, and 6575 have signed a job offer with an overall employment rate up to 96.01%.

Prof. CHEN Qiuming, Party Secretary General of SZPT was conferring Outstanding Graduates Awards during the ceremony

Prof. Jia Xingdong, President of SZPT made an inspiring speech during the ceremony
In addition to the above mentioned grand graduation ceremony, each school of the Polytechnic has also organized their own graduation ceremonies and issued the diplomas and certificates to the graduates. The followings are some of the photos of the events.
In the afternoon before the graduation ceremony on June 7th, a conversation meeting between graduate representatives and the management team of the Polytechnic was organized. The participating representatives expressed their satisfactions, graceful feelings and thanks to the school and also gave their various suggestions for school’s further improvement. Graduate representatives said that the Polytechnic has taught them with a lot of knowledge and especially working and professional skills. And these skills are so practical and have powered them with capacities for their easy employment and future careers.
A graduate named Tang Hanhui (sound) from the School of Electronic and Communication Technology said that she was doing her entrepreneurship together with a team of Edinburgh University, UK with the knowledge and skills she had achieved in the three years here in SZPT. Although she was an only diploma TVET student in the group, she was not scared for cooperating with others from famous universities because the knowledge and skills she had learnt in SZPT were competitive to the others. She was proud of SZPT. She chose SZPT for her higher education because her brother was a graduate here before. And the slogan of SZPT: I am proud of SZPT today and SZPT will be proud of me tomorrow, has encouraged her all three years. She had studied hard, been active in an on-campus Skill Talents’ Club, which had powered her with professional skills. The slogan would be her motto in her mind for her bright future. 

As a pioneering institution in higher TVET, SZPT pays high attention on integration with industries and communities in order to create a better nurturing environment for its students.
On June 26th, SZPT signed a cooperative agreement with China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited, a world-class national-top company (in port management), for strategic collaboration. Both sides agree to cooperate in three aspects. Firstly mutual recognition and hanging up plaque as a training base for the opposite. The company base will be for practice of SZPT students and the Polytechnic base will be for talent cultivation for the company. Secondly they agree to establish a joint workshop for enhancing exchanges of dual qualification teachers between the two sides. Thirdly both sides agree to conduct joint cultivation of overseas professional talents to serve the Belt & Road Strategy put forward by the Chinse Government.

Prof. Ma Xiaoming, Vice President of SZPT and Mr. Liyubin, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited sign the agreement.

On June 19th, SZPT signed a Memorandum of Cooperation together with China Steering Committee of Mechanical Vocational Education, Shanghai Representative Office of German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, George Fischer Precision Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. of GF Machining Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. They agreed to establish jointly an "International Training and Professional Competence Evaluation Center of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology". This was an important step for SZPT to set up an International College for Intelligent Manufacturing (ICIM). SZPT hoped it can learn successful experiences from Germany and Switzerland in this aspect by constructing the ICIM that under the guidance of China Steering Committee of Mechanical Vocational Education. The ICIM would apply "enterprise order" model for talent cultivation to bring out better qualified technical and skilled talents for Germany and Switzerland invested companies and local enterprises in Guangdong Province and to have SZPT developed as a world top-class TVET institution.
The four sides signed the Memorandum for Cooperation together at SZPT.
SZPT is also very keen in provide opportunities for its students to participate various competitions.
On June 7th, “Xiandian Cup” Cloud Computing Technology and Application Competition of China National Vocational Students Skills Competition (Higher Education Group) was held in SZPT. It was a national competition sponsored jointly by Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Guangdong Provincial People's Government and Shenzhen Municipal Government and co-organized by Shenzhen Polytechnic, Nanjing the 55th Research Institute Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Instructional Steering Committee of Industrial and Information Vocational Education.
246 competitors of 82 teams from 31 provinces and cities, including Taiwan, participated the event. According to the competition regulations, the competition was only for teams of 3 students of various polytechnics. The gaming time was 4 hours. The competition focused on planning, construction and deployment of cloud platforms, their operation and management, development of large data analysis and other content. The competition had set 8 1st prizes, 16 2nd prizes and 24 3rd prizes.
After intense competition, the 2nd team of Guangdong Province, which was of 3 students from SZPT, i.e, Li Jinsheng, Liang Yuting and Zhuang Yingmiao, won the 1st among the 1st prizes, i.e. the top prize of the competition.
In addition, SZPT also sent out a team of 5 students and 1 teacher and participated an "Etiquette Host" Contest of the 8th National Civil Affairs Vocational Skills for Vocational Education Institutions held in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province during June 1st to 4th. The contest was sponsored by the National Instruction Steering Committee of Civil Vocational Education, the Assessing Guidance Center of Vocational Skills under the Ministry of Civil Affairs with the supervision of the Personnel Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. And Sanmenxia Polytechnic practically organized the event. The contest was of six sections, i.e. program planning, simulation host, improvisation Q & A, manuscript reading, theoretical test, video displaying. After fierce competition, SZPT student Zhang Yitong was honoured with the only one Grand Prize. And other SZPT students Zhong Zilu and Huang achieved 1st prize with their outstanding performances. It was really a special honour of SZPT for its team was the only one composed of students from concerned student clubs. They competed with over 100 students from more than 20 higher education institutions majored in hosting.
SZPT team at the 8th National Civil Affairs Vocational Skills for Vocational Education Institutions
On June 14th, the opening ceremony of “Go for Your Dream” Innovative and Entrepreneurial Competition for College Students was held in SZPT. The event was co-sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Municipal Bureau of Education, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Youth League. The theme of it is to "dream youth and win in the future". The programme would last from June to October among college level students in school or graduated within the past two years no matter at home or abroad. And by now, SZPT has over 70 teams registered for the completion.
July 15th is the day when summer vocation starts in SZPT. Yet, the students here are not stay at home for the vocation. They have been organized in hundreds of student teams to go down into countryside to do the social practice in communities.
On the afternoon of July 11th, a simple Departure Ceremony was held in SZPT with a participation of over 200 students from its School of Media and Communication, School of Medical Technology and Nursing and School of Chemistry and Biological Technology. They would go down to Xiajian Village, a small village in Heyuan City, a disadvantaged area in Guangdong Province, to help the local community to organize the 1st Science and Culture Festival. They would use what they had learnt in SZPT to deliver a variety of training programmes of plant disease and pest control, first aid, oral care, photography, painting, basketball, soccer, dance, music, handmaking, paper cutting, document writing and etc. The project is to cope with the precise alleviation of poverty project lunched by the Chinese Central Government and give positive influence of SZPT to the countryside.
According to the Department of Student Affairs, SZPT, this is the 16th time of SPZT to send students to Heyuan City which Shenzhen provides counterpart support. And the students to Heyuan City this year will be divided into 9 teams of 360 students. And in this summer vocation, SZPT will send out 361 teams of over 10 thousand students to 20 provinces and cities to do their social practices and deliver SZPT’s positive influence..

Above mentioned activities are only some of the actions taken by SZPT for youth skill development. Youth is the hope of a nation. The future belongs to the youth. And to education young people with knowledge and skills is vital for the young people to play more important roles in the social and national development. SZPT is always on the way of actions for the youth skill development.
(By UNESCO UNEVOC Centre, Shenzhen Polytechnic)