Hashimoto Katsunobu, Managing Director of Jikei Group in Osaka, Japan, Visited the Polytechnic


The two sides had a great talk

The two sides took agroup photo

On theafternoon of Sep. 20, Hashimoto Katsunobu, Managing Director of Jikei Group inOsaka, Japan, Visited the School. President Jia Xingdong met with the guest at the VIProom on the third floor of Mingde Building. The two sides held cordial andfriendly talks. Zhao Jizheng, Director of Foreign Affairs Office and relatedstaff also attended the meeting.


President Jia Xingdong firstextended a warm welcome to HashimotoKatsunobu. He said that although they had met for the first time, Mr.Hashimoto was an old friend of Shenzhen Polytechnic and he hoped thisfriendship would continue. Jia Xingdong also briefed the guest on thedevelopment goal of establishing a world-class vocational college with Chinesecharacteristics and the recent achievements of the school. He hoped both sideswould have more cooperation in the field of internationalization.


HashimotoKatsunobusaid that he had cooperated with China for over thirty years, witnessed thegrowth of Shenzhen Polytechnic and gained much from each other's cooperation.He said that Shenzhen Polytechnic now had a new leadership group and they wouldcertainly continue to lead the school towards a higher platform. He also hoped thatthrough new cooperation, both parties would grow together. After that, the twosides also conducted in-depth discussions on the possibility of cooperation inthe areas of health, pension, welfare and other aspects, as well as theestablishment of an elder care school to cultivate senior-level nursingpersonnel. Finally, Mr. Hashimoto sincerely invited Jia Xingdong to visit Jikeiat a convenient time.


Jikei Group in Osaka Japan is asister school of Shenzhen Polytechnic. Since the two sides established theircooperative relations in 2001, they have conducted various exchange activitiesin the fields of cooperative education, exchange of visits by teachers andstudents, and short-term training. In the future development, the two sideswill work together to explore new areas and ways of deepened cooperation.