Variety of Exciting Cultural Activities Presented in International Cultural Festival

On theafternoon of November 29, 2017, International Cultural Festival of the Polytechnicwas opened in the Sifang Square at Liuxiandong Campus. With the theme of"Engaging in Chinese and Working Together for the Future", overseas studentsfrom more than 30 countries and regions, students' union, Associations of MassOrganizations, the School of Economics and students of International ExchangeSociety of the School of Applied Foreign Languages showed us theirunderstanding of traditional culture and diverse international cultures. LiYue, Vice President of the Polytechnic, Yang Runhui, Director of Committee ofCaring for the Younger Generation, Zhao Jizheng, Director of the InternationalAffairs Office and other relevant teachers attended the festival.

A group photo

Li Yueannounced the opening of the International Cultural Festival and delivered aspeech. She said that the International Cultural Festival demonstrated the Polytechnic’sinternationalization, highlighted the borderless exchanges between Chinese andforeign cultures and built a very good platform for exchange between Chineseand foreign students. She hoped that foreign students could learn Chinese well,understand Chinese culture more deeply and make more Chinese friends. She alsohoped that Chinese students would cherish their own local culture andcommunicate Chinese culture. She also mentioned that Chinese and foreignstudents should stay true to the mission, solidify their ideals, build a bridgeof communication, join hands and dedicate their talents and strength to thedevelopment of the world. 

YangRunhui had always been concerned about the work of overseas students. As acalligraphy teacher of foreign students, he used his profound knowledge to tellstudents stories of Chinese calligraphy. At the opening ceremony, he wrote acalligraphic work for the festival entitled "Keeping ComprehensiveProgress Together and Striving for Self-improvement". He said that mottowas of profound significance and applicable to both Chinese and foreignstudents.

At theopening ceremony, Chinese and foreign students staged performances together.Chinese students from Wing Chun Association, Han Chinese Clothing Club,Nunchakus Society, and Wushu Association offered wonderful Chinese traditionalculture feast for the festival; students from South Korea, Dominica, Moroccoand France brought brilliant various dance and songs, showing the audience avariety of wonderful world cultures.

International students showedexotic food and clothing culture.

Internationalstudents also set up stalls to showcase the food and clothing culture fromvarious countries, the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association, the ChessClub and other associations also prepared for students a variety of culturalexperience activities. Polytechnic leaders visited the student booths toexperience the cuisine of different countries and take a group photo with thestudents.

This festival, organized by the ForeignAffairs Office, and co-organized by the Student Union and the Associations ofMass Organizations, was the first event to showcase the international cultureof the country where an international student came from and was widelyrecognized by Chinese and foreign students. Young students from more than 30countries all over the world, enjoyed music, dance, costumes and food at thecampus on the afternoon, communicated with each other in a and happy and candidmanner. That had become a beautiful and unique landscape at the campus.