Jia Xingdong Led Delegation to Visit Cooperating Universities in Bulgaria and Turkey

Between November 10 and November 17, Jia Xingdong, president of Shenzhen Polytechnic led a delegation to visit Plovdiv University in Bulgariaand Ayden University in Turkey. During his visit, Jia Xingdong unveiled the Polytechnic’sfirst overseas vocational education and training center - "PlovdivUniversity-Shenzhen Polytechnic Vocational Education Training Center", and signed a memorandum of cooperation with Aydin University in Istanbul, Turkey, tostart the cooperation between Shenzhen Polytechnic and Turkish universities. 

The Polytechnic’s first overseas vocational education training center was established

Presidents of both sidessigned the agreement for the vocational education and training center 

Some of the participants took a group photo 

On the morning of November 13, Jia Xingdong and his party arrived at Plovdiv University, which is located in the second Bulgarian city and is oneof the oldest universities in Europe. Here, Mr. Jia unveiled Shenzhen Polytechnic’s first overseas vocational education and training center – “Plovdiv University - Shenzhen Polytechnic Vocational Education Training Center (Hereinafterreferred to as "the Center") and signed a cooperation agreement. ProfessorKozluf, Chancellor of Plovdiv University, Professor Mieleeva, Vice Chancellor of Plovdiv University, and Hrystowov, Chairman of Bulgaria-China Business Development Association and some university leaders, teachers and students attended the ceremony. Xinhua News Agency reporters from Bulgaria Reporter Station, Bulgarian state TV television, Plovdiv local TV television and other media wereinvited to conduct on-site interviews and reports on this signing and unveiling event. 

At the ceremony, Professor Kozlushov welcomed the delegation ofShenzhen Polytechnic and briefed them on the history and status quo of Plovdiv Universityand expressed his expectations and wishes for cooperation. He said that theestablishment of the vocational education and training center had provided anew venue for vocational education and training in Bulgaria. It was a “shortcut”for Bulgarian students to acquire various vocational skills and employmentopportunities, which would be conducive to the cultivation and development ofthe job market in the country. 

Jia Xingdong, on behalf of Shenzhen Polytechnic, expressed hisgratitude to Plovdiv University and Bulgaria Business Development Association.He said that the establishment of the Center embodied the trust and friendship betweenthe two institutions. It was not only an achievement of deepened cooperationbetween Plovdiv University and Shenzhen Polytechnic, but also a new achievementin educational cooperation between China and Bulgaria. The city of Plovdiv is afriendly city of Shenzhen. The cooperation between our two institutions wouldfurther consolidate the friendship between the two cities and the twocountries. He believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, the Centerwould play an important role in promoting cooperation between the two institutions,spreading culture, cultivating talents, and enhancing Bulgaria-Chinafriendship. It would become a bridge of education and cultural exchange and abond of understanding and friendship between the two countries. 

After that, Jia Xingdong and Kozlushov signed on behalf of the twoinstitutions the agreement between Plovdiv University and Shenzhen Polytechnicon the establishment of the vocational education and training center. Tocongratulate the establishment of the Center, Jia Xingdong specially broughtplaque with badges of the two institutions and the name of the Center from Shenzhento Kozylutzov who also presented Jia Xingdong a plaque to congratulate theestablishment of the Center in Shenzhen Polytechnic early in the next year. 

After the ceremony, the participants moved to the Center. Twoteenage girls wearing traditional Bulgarian costumes took a red ribbon and stoodwaited at the entrance to the Center. Jia Xingdong and Kozluzov jointly cut theribbon for the center. The university had specially prepared traditionalBulgarian folk music, song and dance performances. The signing and unveilingceremony was successfully concluded in happy laughters and cheerful voices. 

After the meeting, Jia Xingdong and Kozylutzov were invited to ajoint interview with Xinhua News Agency, Bulgaria's state TV station andreporters from Plovdiv local TV station. The media presented a detailed coverageon the establishment of the center. 

The Center was not only the first vocational education andtraining center opened by the Polytechnic in a Bulgarian university, but alsothe first vocational education and training center opened overseas. Theestablishment of the center was of great importance for “going out” ofoutstanding achievements of the Polytechnic’s vocational education, theresponds to the “Belt and Road” Initiative and for the cultivation of excellentvocational and technical talents in Bulgaria. The Center, once established, wouldbecome the base for future exchanges and training of talents by the two institutions,which would carry out various activities each year to jointly promote theexchange of talents, scientific research and sharing of excellent educationalresources in the two institutions and even the two places. 

Start of Cooperation with Turkish universities 


A memorandum of cooperation was signed with Ayden University in Istanbul

With full achievements and profound friendship from PlovdivUniversity, Jia Xingdong and his party arrived in Istanbul, the largest city inTurkey, on November 14 and visited Istanbul’s Ayden University on November 15. 

Professor Yadigar Izmirli, Chancellor of Ayden University, welcomedthe delegation from Shenzhen Polytechnic. Professor Zafer Aslan, Director ofthe International Relations Department, Professor Hasan Heperkan, Director of theSchool of Engineering, Professor, Celal Nazim Irem, Director of the School ofEconomics and Management Science, and Ms. Ayse Deniz Ozkan, Deputy Director ofGlobal Education and Cooperation attended the symposium. The meeting was hostedby Ayse Deniz Ozkan. 

Jia Xingdong delivered a speech on behalf of Shenzhen Polytechnic.He pointed out that the rapid development of Shenzhen Polytechnic had benefitedfrom the rapid development of Shenzhen, which attached great importance to thedevelopment of education and provided the Polytechnic with sufficient financialsupport each year. Shenzhen Polytechnic had ranked first among China's similar polytechnicsfor many years. The next step was to establish a world-class vocational andtechnical college with Chinese characteristics and internationalization was thefocus of the Polytechnic's future development. The Polytechnic established anAsia-Africa Center with UNESCO and was planning for the establishment of"Belt and Road" international alliance with the support of theMinistry of Education. The Polytechnic also set up branch offices in Malaysiaand Bulgaria, and the Maritime Silk Road Training Institute in cooperation withChina Merchants Group. He said that the two institutions had a very wide rangeof cooperation, and they could carry out fruitful cooperation in teacher-studentexchange, Huawei, Cisco certification training, and professional medical collaboration. 

Yadigar Izmirli pointed out that the strength of ShenzhenPolytechnic in school running, faculty, and development plans had left a profoundimpression on him. Ayden University had very many common features with ShenzhenPolytechnic, they both had a wide range of majors, good infrastructures, satisfactoryeducation quality and school running strength recognized in Europe, they alsomaintained a close contact with enterprises, paid attention to internationalizeddevelopment, believed that there would be many opportunities for futuredevelopment. 

Celal Nazim Irem and Zafer Aslan also discussed the specificcooperation projects at the meeting. Professor Zafer Aslan invited ShenzhenPolytechnic to participate in the “Euro-Asian Higher Education Summit” in 2018. 

At last, Jia Xingdong and Yadigar Izmirli signed a memorandum ofcooperation on behalf of the two institutions. Turkey is strategically locatedon the border of Asia and Europe. This was the first time that ShenzhenPolytechnic had established a cooperation relationship with a Turkish university,representing another success in cooperation with a university from a country onthe “Belt and Road”, expanding the Polytechnic’s international cooperation andexchanges. 

Though the schedule was tight, the visit was a fruitful one. Thesuccessful establishment of “Plovdiv University-Shenzhen Polytechnic VocationalEducation and Training Center” and the cooperation memorandum signed withIstanbul’s Ayden University were both very important link of ShenzhenPolytechnic's internationalization and were a new chapter in cooperation betweencountries on the “Belt and Road”. 

The members of thedelegation also included Li Xiaoyuan, Director of the President’s Office, ZhaoJizheng, Director of the International Affairs Office, and Luo Chenglong, PartySecretary of the School of Automobile and Transportation Engineering.