Chen Qiuming Met with Cambodian National Vocational Education Delegation

On the evening of March 29, Chen Qiuming, Party Secretary of Shenzhen Polytechnic met with the Cambodian National Vocational Education Delegation that was about to finish their vocational education and training in Shenzhen in the VIP room at Mingde Building, Liuxiandong Campus.

According to thetraining arrangement made by the UNESCO Vocational Education Liaison Center (Asia-Africa Center) in the Polytechnic, the delegation systematically studiedthe system of professional education governance in China and Shenzhen, thesystem design of vocational education, the concept and model of vocationaleducation. The training forms included lectures, expert seminars, research byinstitutions and companies. The units participating in this training includedShenzhen Education Bureau, UNESCO Center for Higher Education Innovation,Shenzhen Institute of Technology, Shenzhen First Vocational Education Group,Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, Shenzhen Haiyuntian TechnologyCo., Ltd. and InterContinental Shenzhen. 

During the meeting,Mr. Reith Sarah, head of the delegation, Director of Vocational TrainingDivision of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia, said thathe was greatly honored to be able to take the delegation to ShenzhenPolytechnic, the leader of China’s vocational education. They were impressed bythe achievements made by Shenzhen Polytechnic, and were especially interestedin the Polytechnic’s “six fusions” education concept and mature educational model.They hoped to learn from Shenzhen Polytechnic and promote them in vocationalschools in Cambodia. The delegation thanked the two experts from the UNESCOVocational Liaison Center (Asia-Africa) for their meticulously preparedseminars and provision with opportunities to conduct on-site investigations ininterested parties of vocational education such as the government, vocationaleducation institutions and enterprises at different levels. Reith Sarahexpressed special thanks to the Chinese government and the Polytechnic. Hebelieved that this vocational education and training would benefit the mutualunderstanding of vocational education in China and Cambodia and promote thecommon development of national vocational education in “Belt and Road”countries. He hoped to carry out vocational education cooperation in the futurewith Shenzhen Polytechnic. 

Chen Qiuming welcomedthe Cambodian delegation for the visit and training in Shenzhen Polytechnic andemphasized that economic and social development could be separated fromvocational education. The fact that the Cambodian delegation composed of thedivision-level leaders of the four ministries, the national think tank anduniversity chancellors made a special trip to Shenzhen fully indicated that theCambodian government had attached great importance on vocational educationdevelopment. The friendship between China and Cambodia dates back to ancienttimes. Shenzhen Polytechnic is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperationwith the Cambodian government and vocational education institutions. It ishoped that we can promote common understanding through vocational education andjointly promote economic and social development. Chen Qiuming also introducedthe “Belt and Road” international vocational education conference to be held inthe Polytechnic. He invited relevant vocational education leaders andinstitutions from Cambodia to participate in the conference and received apositive response from the Cambodian delegation.