2nd Preparatory Meeting for "Belt and Road" International Conference on TVET Held in Shenzhen Polytechnic

The meeting was held at Room 303 of Mingde Building of the Polytechnic

On April 20, the second preparatory meeting for the “Belt and Road” international conference onTVET was held at Room 303 of Mingde Building of the Polytechnic. Liu Zhanshan, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Society of Vocational and Technical Education (SCVTE), attended and chaired the meeting. Pan Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of SCVTE, Director of the Office of the Secretariat, Ma Micang, Consultant of the Department of International Affairs, Wei Jie from Vocational Education and Lifelong Education Division of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, Chen Qiuming, Party Secretary of the Polytechnic, JiaXingdong, president of the Polytechnic, and some members of preparatory leadership team attended the meeting. 

Chen Qiuming first delivered a welcome speech on behalf of thePolytechnic. He said that after the first preparatory meeting, all preparatorywork of the Polytechnic was carried out in full swing as planned. At present,all preparations had basically been completed. The next step would focus ondetails and full preparations would be made for the successful convention ofthe seminar. 

Subsequently, Li Xiaoyuan, Member of the Party Committee andDirector of Party Affairs Office, reported on the progress of the work after thefirst preparatory meeting. The participating leaders discussed over the guestinvitations, speech dialogues, and case exhibitions, etc. in detail, anddiscussed and determined the dialogue points of the four dialogue sections. Themeeting also further clarified the details of the dining arrangements,accommodation arrangements, conference PPT and other details. 

It is reported thatthe "Belt and Road" Vocational Education International Conference onTVET is an international conference approved by the Ministry of Education,hosted by China Society of Vocational and Technical Education, VocationalTechnical Education Center of the Ministry of Education, Guangdong ProvincialDepartment of Education, and undertaken by Shenzhen Polytechnic. This is aninternational event with highest ranking and largest scale undertaken by thePolytechnic in history. The conference will be held on May 11 and May 12 at ShenzhenPolytechnic. More than 300 people, including officials of the internationalorganizations, experts and scholars, representatives of government officialsand vocational education institutions from the “Belt and Road” countries,domestic government officials, experts and scholars, industry associations(societies) and representatives of enterprises, leaders of vocational collegesand representatives of relevant media will attend the meeting.