The Polytechnic Hosted "Belt and Road" Cultural Education Achievements Exhibition

At 19:00 on the evening of May 11, the Cultural Education Achievements Exhibition, as a wonderful demonstration during 2018“Belt and Road International Conference on TVET”, was held in the Gymnasium at the Xilihu Campus of the Polytechnic. The enriched content of the programs and colorful expressions have won concerted praise from guests and audiences. Liu Zhanshan, honored guest of the “Belt and Road” Conference and Executive Vice President of Chinese Society of Vocational Education, Yu Zhongwen, Vice President of Chinese Society of Vocational Education, and Qian Yonghong, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Liang Guosheng, Editor-in-chief of Vocational Education Edition of the China Youth Daily, etc., accompanied by Party Secretary Chen Qiuming and President Jia Xingdong of the Polytechnic, appreciated the whole party.

The evening party created, adapted and performed by the teachers and students of the Polytechnic presented the audience a cultural feast that fully displayed the results of Shenzhen Polytechnic’s cultural education achievements. Taking traditional culture as its connotation, the exhibition and performance mainly displayed the historical background of the Silk Road, and classic operas and folk arts of the country, and it was a high-quality, high-level art performance.

The whole evening party featured original dance dramas, adopted symphonies, finished dances, learning repertoires, magic shows, flower show, catwalk, street dances, and singing. The evening party started during the performance of the concerto symphony titled “The Silk Road and Fires of Aztec”, and the distant melody brought the audience to the ancient Silk Road and the style of the Western Regions... With the warm applause, 14 enchanting programs, including Jasmine, Ancient City and the Moon, Story of Spring, Daolang Dance, Cow-back Dance, Flower Language - Four Seasons showed the talents cultivation achievements by majors such as music performance, landscape design, and costume design and the artistic level of the teachers and students and art clubs, presenting a rich audio-visual feast to the audience. The general director of the show was Vice President Tang Xiaoming. More than 2000 audiences, including representatives of attendees of the "Belt and Road" International Conference on TVET, representatives of teachers and outstanding students of the Polytechnic watched the performance.